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Ok, ok, I know I haven't posted anything for ages. But I do have a good excuse - there's something about being pregnant and throwing up/feeling queasy all the time that really puts you off thinking about/writing about/eating food. But hey, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Now I've got rid of the super-nasty metallic taste in my mouth, and the need to heave over toilet bowls, I'm feeling up to thinking about food again. Which is a good job, as lots seems to have happened while I've been away.

Now I don't know if future sprog is influencing my thinking at all, but I've been totally engrossed in the Jamie Oliver series, Jamie's School Dinners. And completely appalled at what we seem to be feeding children, and at what cost - 37p (apparently the Army spends more on feeding their dogs, at 50p a time). So it's not surprising to see that what the kids get looks like dog food, and probably tastes like it too. They've even stamped it into pretty shapes for them, like we do with dog biscuits.

Because of the hoo-ha, the government's actually decided to do something, albeit several years too late. But it's not nearly enough. Sign up to the Feed Me Better campaign now. When my kid gets to going to school or nursery I don't want it to be eating that crap. Yours shouldn't have to either.


Anonymous Geek's Girl said...

Just wanted to say congratulations on the future sprog.

5:07 pm  
Blogger Rach said...

Hey, thanks!

11:57 am  

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