Question at the pub quiz last night in the nature round:
Name the species: Lemon, Dover....
We almost couldn't answer for falling off our chairs laughing. Still didn't win, but then it was the Genius Quiz (allegedly).


Ordered a new book today (for my ever expanding cookery-related collection). Appetite for Life by Noel Riley Fitch, a biography of the wonderful Julia Child. Although after reading it she may no longer be so wonderful. I'll let you know when it (a) arrives - could be a while as it seems to be a US publication and (b) what it's like.

Made chilli foccacia bread last night. Boy did it turn out hot. May be something to do with the fact that I was negotiating the measurements between two recipes, as one was in US (cups and all that) and the other in g/oz. Or it could be the fact that Dave DeWitt's recipes are always on the warm side. This one was from the Chile Pepper Encyclopedia.


Trout Thursday. What a fabulous idea. Even includes the required recipes for cooking trout. It's a shame we have to wait until next January really.


Now why can't we have this in the UK? William Shatner chairing the great cook-off that is Iron Chef USA. Not sure who we could have that would equal Mr Shatner in stature or incongruity. Perhaps Tom Baker?


Had the weirdest thing for dinner last night, at Heartbreak Soup on the Quayside in Newcastle. Mexican flatbread (in a strange throwing star shape) filled with tomato, feta cheese and aubergine and served with three mystery dips. I foolishly forgot to memorize the menu entry so I can't remember what they were - one was hollandaise-like, another tasted of avocado and was green but definitely not guacamole, and the final one peppers and raisins. I need to go back and read the menu again.


Julia Child. My heroine. She's messy, drops food on the floor (that poor salmon) and slurs her words over the cue cards. She's fab.