What you should and shouldn't be eating if you want to eat with a clear conscience....not sure I can afford all The Guardian's suggestions, but I can try.

Following on from the guru of eating, Nigel Slater, who kept a food diary for a year, I've been doing some scribbling of my own. So far, I've only done a week, and have consumed a weird and wonderful selection of things...including a lot of bananas and cups of redbush tea. More detailed analysis to follow.


Following on from the Colling discovery of smoothies, I've been reading Nigel Slater's Thirst. Several gorgeous recipes for smoothies and fruit juices. The only problem being, the juicer and the blender are in the attic room, packed in their boxes, and liable to remain so until the kitchen is finished. Foiled again...it'll have to be Tesco Finest smoothies for the moment.

Although I do have a rather marvellous gadget which you can use for (a) mashing potatoes (b) making German spetzler (looks like worms I know, but absolutely gorgeous) and (c) pureeing fruit/veg/soup etc. I'll leave you to guess what it looks like, but give you the hint that it's a weird one to store...


I know it's a week late, but you have to know how nice haggis is. We did the real thing - including the poem first, and had it with neaps and tatties on Burns Night. Gorgeous...as long as you don't stop to think what's actually in the haggis itself. Top marks to Eldred and Jane for a brilliant feast....

The last time I'd had haggis was a formal dinner at Magdelene College years ago when a bagpiper piped the haggis into a long panelled room lit by candlelight....very atmospheric. I'm all for suiting the setting to the food. Although when you get home from work and just want beans on toast, I think that would be fairly low in the ceremony stakes.