Monstrous, I tell you

Have just finished eating the world's most mammoth chicken, bacon and advocado club sandwich at Belle & Herbs (on Heaton Road in Newcastle, for those of you who are interested - thoroughly recommended for the homemadeness and the very good smoothies). Could get to like this being on maternity leave and popping out for lunch business...horror of horrors, could I be turning into a 'lady who lunches'? Mind, I don't really have the handbags or gold sandals to really do justice to the stereotype.

Actually, the other good thing about being at home and having cable is being able to watch all the cookery programmes that are on (UKTV Food has a lot to answer for). Mind, I had to turn off the River Cafe Cookbook as Rose Grey and Ruth Rodgers were driving me up the wall - they are just so patronising. The food looks amazing, and I'd love to eat in their restaurant, but as tv presenters they really need to lighten up.


Olive oil

ok, ok, so I've not been around for a while. Can't even use the excuse of a new baby - it's not due for another 5 weeks (and counting...). But I'm back (for a short while anyway, until the lack of sleep kicks in).

And to kick off with, an interesting article in the Guardian, on how the British have become a nation of olive oil lovers. Never knew Crisp and Dry was such a big thing in the 70s though - I may have missed out there. Mum wasn't big on fried stuff - chips were strictly cooked in the oven, and we didn't have a deep fat fryer.