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Nice. Honest.

Ok, so this is probably very weird, but had forgotten how jolly nice scrambled eggs on toast was with a side order of Branston pickle. Before you accuse me of being all pregnancy cravings and such (which I've not had any of, before you ask), it's something I used to eat when I was small, and I've never grown out of it. Rather like peanut butter and banana sandwiches, and Marmite soldiers with boiled eggs. Which of course I fully intend to foist upon my darling offspring in about a year's time, so that I get the chance to eat them legitimately again...


Oh boy

It would take me 3,549 cups of instant coffee to suffer death by overdose of caffeine...check out the damage at Energy Fiend. Worryingly, it only needs 644 cups of hot cocoa to have the same effect.


So is anyone actually cooking out there?

Today's scary statistic (from the Observer Food Monthly magazine): 8% of meals are cooked from scratch at home each day. Apparently the UK spent £18 billion on convenience foods last year.

Maybe it's time to bring back rationing...


Invisible crusts

Crustless bread? Whatever next? Surely that's the best bit?! Where would you be without the crispy bit round the edges when you make toast? Can you imagine a baguette without the crust? Sacrilege. These people must be stopped...


Food fight!

There seems to be something of a bun fight going on in the world of pies - all about who can describe their pork pies as being "Melton Mowbray". More info at the excellent pie-man.com site. I can't claim extensive knowledge, so I might have to go out and buy a Melton Mowbray one, just to see. And eat it with Branston pickle, of course.


Miles of food

The Guardian takes up the issue of food miles again, pointing out that not only is it almost impossible in a supermarket to work out where ingredients apart from fruit and veg are coming from (take muesli, for example) but also we're all travelling in our cars to get to said supermarket, and adding yet more food miles to the total. I have to admit I'm as guilty as anyone here - we try and shop locally for fruit and veg, and try and get meat from the farmers' market, but it's still Morrisons or Tesco that gets our custom for everything else. What's worse, Morrisons is about 8 minutes walk away...but I usually take the car because I can't carry everything back. I know I've got a good excuse (being pregnant sometimes comes in handy), but it doesn't stop you feeling any less guilty...