Toast. And Marmite.

I'll start off in a vaguely intellectual manner (as opposed to my usual meanderings), with a startling fact that I heard on the Radio 4 Today programme yesterday morning. Apparently, honey has now overtaken marmalade as the spread of choice at breakfast. More money is now spent on honey of various types than all the thin shred, thick cut and Dundee marmalade put together. What, not everyone eats Marmite first thing in a morning? I thought it was obligatory? Ever since I was small I've had Marmite on my toast. Every day at university I used to line up in the breakfast queue, clutching my Marmite jar (and I wasn't the only one) to spread on the beautifully lukewarm toast that Mary the Toast Dragon doled out (two slices if you were lucky, three if you smiled and four if you were over 6ft tall and played rugby). And it's continued ever since (although, obviously, I don't have Mary the Toast Dragon in my kitchen supplying lukewarm toast anymore. Which is probably a good thing). Even my cat likes the corner of the toast with a bit of Marmite on. What's wrong with you people?


Blogger Geek's Girl said...

Personally I like to have Marmite on my first slice of toast and marmalade on my second - almost like a main course and dessert.

I'm just grateful that I live in a country where I can get Marmite. I've heard that there are other nations that are not as fortunate.

Which reminds me, add Marmite (big jar) to end of week shopping list.

3:07 pm  
Blogger BiScUiTs said...

I like the 2 course breakfast idea there Geek's Girl!

I once put Bovril on my toast. I thought you could, because you can drink Marmite like Bovril, so I thought Bovril would work on toast. It didn't.

8:51 pm  
Blogger Rach said...

Ah, Bovril. Eeeeurgh. Can never quite understand the point of it. You might as well drink stock cubes.

10:20 am  

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