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Walmart's special singles nights at its supermarkets in Germany are proving to be a roaring success. You're issued with a bright red bow on your trolley, given sparkling wine and oysters to get you in the mood, and then have your photo taken (presumably to put on that manky adverts board which all supermarkets seem to have - that one at the back of the store with second-hand sofas, kittens and Gameboys for sale...). And with participants like this, ladies, you'd better start buying your air tickets straightaway: "I first tried out discotheques, but that did not work," said Mr. Semprich. "First of all, when you see some of the women again in daylight, I sometimes almost fainted. No, this here is much better. It is a natural, relaxed atmosphere. And besides, I can also save money. The milk is cheaper than in any other store." How can any girl resist?


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