Random mishaps (2)

The strangeness and unpredictable feline actions continue...my random week got even worse when I managed to leave my swimming cozzie in the shower at the swimming pool on Tuesday, and then embarrassingly had to ring up and see if it was in lost property. If you're ever in the same situation, it always helps if you can remember the colour and make - two things I managed to burble my way through and then realise that I'd given completely the wrong information. I then managed to refil the dishwasher salt dispenser on Wednesday and leave the top off, with the result that I had a beautifully clean and wonderfully salty set of plates, knives and forks (not really recommended). Yesterday the cat weighed in with her contribution again, and managed to get into (and eat a fair amount of) a cling-film wrapped ball of farmers' market mince, that was defrosting on the work surface in the kitchen. She's got taste, that cat.

I'm glad it's not only me who does this sort of rubbish though. Take a look at waiter rant (I particularly like some of the really dumb customer sayings...). I guarantee you'll be terrified the next time you go in a restaurant.


Blogger Waiter said...

Thanks for the link Chef! Just got home from work. I have to go and start drinking now....... bye.

5:28 am  

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