Fill in the blanks...

Scotland was (a)___, (b)___, and (c)___ (and then some). If you shouted 'cold', then you'd be absolutely right. It was bloody freezing. To be honest, I'd expected nothing less, particularly as I was going to be floating down the river Tay in a ridiculously small inflatable raft, wearing a wetsuit, but it would have been nice for my suspicions to have been completely confounded.

A Scottish breakfast, by the way, included no porridge whatsoever, which was a bit disappointing. Instead, it was those little portion sized boxes of cornflakes/rice krispies/cardboard muesli, followed by bacon, egg, sausage, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, and a weird slice of Scottish sausagemeat. Pretty much like the English version then, although the baked beans did seem to be conspicuous by their absence.

This week, I have been mostly eating spinach. Spinach, cheddar cheese and salad cream in pitta bread, to be honest. Sounds a bit weird, but I can guarantee it makes the perfect lunchtime sandwich. It's no more odd than having peanut butter and banana, or cheese and marmite. Trust me.


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