Welcome to the future

It's an odd week for random mishaps. Yesterday the cat decided to chew through the cable of the brand new phone charger that Rob had got with his phone the day before, leaving two severed pieces snaking across the floor. She had the gall to look very smug too. Although she's been told that if she does it again she'll be stuffed... Today's mishap was mine - I took Rob to the garage to put the car battery back in the van, said goodbye, and then drove off with the battery still in the boot. To make it even better, my phone was switched to silent, so I couldn't hear his increasingly frantic phone calls as I drove off down the road (the prospect of a 45 minute walk to work through Byker wasn't an enticing one). I feel like I'm living in some kind of mad sit com - what with the unpredictable feline, disappearing car batteries and an increasingly surreal line in pie queries (squirrel pie anyone?) it's all getting a bit strange.

Back in the normal world of food, schools are going to serve retro dinners, and Welcome to the Retro Future debates the delights of 1960s space food. Weren't we all supposed to be eating little pills, or transmogrifying particles into fish and chips by this point? Or have I just seen one too many episodes of Star Trek?


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