Ooooh. Aaaaah.

Off to a fireworks party tonight - and yes I do know that it's the 9th of November, and not the 5th. We're just a bit behind in the North East, and working to our own dates. There's the Julian calendar, Gregorian calendar, and the Geordie calendar... Anyway, I'm looking forward to the traditional oohs, aahs, cricked neck and damp patch down the front of my coat where I spill my drink when the bangers make me jump.

I tried looking for good fireworks cake recipes, in the vain hope that I might actually have time to bake one, and look like some sort of domestic goddess when I got to the party. Well, it's not to be. I was a bit stymied by the fact that a 'fireworks cake' seems to be some sort of technical term, and Google returned about 219,000 pages dealing with Chinese firecrackers and the like... If you didn't know already, pop pickers, a fireworks cake is "an assembly of tubes, usually single-shot Roman Candles, fused together to fire in rapid sequence.". Don't say I didn't warn you.


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