Vain hopes

French women don't get fat because (a) they are vain (b) 76% of French people eat meals they have prepared at home and (c) they eat less. The Observer Food Monthly article's a bit longer than that, but essentially that's the conclusion it's coming to. I have to say, I suspect English women are every bit as vain as the French - I blame the difference on the ready meal syndrome over here, and the fact that quantity and value for money are always far higher up in everyone's minds than quality. And the fact we eat crap milky chocolate really can't help.

The postal service is clearly using carrier pigeons, Concorde, Harry Potter owl post or small green pixies for its deliveries at the moment - my latest order from Amazon arrived this morning. Considering it was supersaver slow delivery and was ordered on Friday night, that's definitely suspicious. If anyone saw Hedwig flying over the area last night, would they please let me know.


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