This week's links (the weekest links?)

I really must get round to updating this more than once a week. There's so much food-related stuff out there, and I'm missing all of it. Anyway, this week's links that caught my eye included

  • ready made sandwiches are high in fat - so when you're standing there in front of the counter at Boots or M&S trying to decide in 10 seconds what you'll have for lunch, don't reach for the cheese savoury.
  • the holy grail of apples has been unveiled - after £175,000 of research, experts have finally found a green eating apple that will grow in the UK. As opposed to all those greenish/brownish ones that we already have.
  • Bananas have been handed out in Trafalgar Square as an artwork was dismantled after 11 hours and 30 minutes. Apparently it was called 30,000 Bananas. Descriptive, if nothing else.
  • why mustard comes in thousands of varieties, but ketchup doesn't.


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