Six days in Paris is just not enough. There's too many fine places to eat, too much sightseeing to do, and frankly just too many good art galleries, museums and shops to wander round. Still, if you're there for just a few days, here's my top tips from this trip:

  • Patrick Goldenberg's restaurant and delicatessen on avenue Wagram - not only do they make a mean chicken liver pate, a fantastic pastrami and some great gherkins, they have the best cheesecake in the world ever. I'm not kidding - this was none of your Sara Lee nonsense with a biscuit base, this was a proper baked cheesecake, lightly flavoured with golden raisins. It was so good, I went back twice.
  • Paris Mosque at place du Puits de l'Ermite (near the Quartier Latin) - not only is it a beautiful building, there's also a fantastic tea room (mint tea, of course) and restaurant. The couscous and tagines that we had were really good - I now need to work out how to recreate the lamb and prune tagine...
  • Dehillerin, of course...we spent hours wandering around sizing up saucepans, only to decide that taking an enormous pan on the train wasn't the best of ideas.
  • Cafe Lateral on avenue Mac-Mahon, near the Arc de Triomphe - this place had good bistro food (fantastic poulet au fermier et frites) and more importantly comfy banquettes at the end of a hard day wandering around and really friendly service. We like.
  • L'as du Fallafel in rue des Rosiers. Lenny Kravitz is still on the wall recommending it to all and sundry. We agree.
  • Arthur's sushi bar on rue Villebois-Mareuil - if you go for the 25 Euro platter (enough for two, definitely), you get an amazing medley of fresh tuna and salmon california rolls, sushi and sashimi. The place was deserted, and probably won't last long. It's a shame - the food's great.

Ah well, back to the real world. Time to go and make chicken and leek lasagne...


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