The name's Bond

Two intriguing articles yesterday - the first on the cancer preventing properties of redbush or rooibos tea which I drink gallons of. It's rather gratifying to know that not only does it taste really nice (contrary to what's in the article, it doesn't taste like wet socks in wellington boots!) but it's actually doing me some good as well.

The second is equally high tech - apparently there's a department at MIT in the US which specialises in technology and kitchen gadgets. It's all rather James Bond, (even down to the fact that it's called Counter Intelligence) with Q passing over his rubber sink and reusable plastic wafers that turn into cups and bowls, with his usual (unheeded) warning about not blowing them up... The research agenda is fascinating - the projects include a desktop gardening system, a talking trivet, knives that warn against bacteria, and a chameleon mug that displays safety messages if the contents are too hot. Remind me in 20 years time that this was where I saw it first...


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