How to make the perfect cup of tea. Not sure I agree with all this malarkey, particularly the idea of leaving the tea to steep for 5 minutes. It'll just turn that horrible orange colour, and have a really tannin-y taste.

No, my idea of the perfect cuppa is to pour some milk into a mug, add a Redbush teabag, pour in some boiling water, swish the teabag around slighly until the milky colour darkens to a very light brown, and then lift out and deposit the teabag in a bin. It's a method perfected over years of being the only one in the house who drinks tea, making a whole pot a bit unneccesary. My friend Beth would hate it - she's the original drinker of "bleach your knickers" orange tea, a phrase coined by Darren. Why, we can't remember, but it goes back into the mists of time at college.


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