The best meal for me of the whole Sardinia trip was a visit to an agritourismo. The Sardinians are being encouraged to restore traditional farm buildings, and use them to gain tourism income - so you see lots of signs for B&B or farms offering local produce and meals. The one we went to was deep in the countryside, in the middle of a valley. It grew its own produce (organic, of course) and raised animals. It was one of those places with a set fee and a set meal - and around 10 tables for diners, outside in its gardens.

The set meal was fantastic...

  • antipasto of peppered salami and pecorino cheese, a chickpea dish, a potato dish, paper-thin bread, goats cheese, roasted peppers and aubergines and a gorgeous tuna and onion/celery dish
  • pigs trotters in a tomato sauce
  • fresh pasta, with a potato, cheese and herb filling
  • bread soaked in broth, topped with cheese and then baked
  • home-made sausages, cooked with olives
  • roast suckling pig, with endive and tomato salad
  • seadas - a Sardinian dessert, basically a huge piece of pasta filled with ricotta cheese, fried, and then served in a lemony-honey syrup
  • coffee, and myrto, the local liqueur

The food was just amazing - beautifully cooked, and made from very fresh ingredients. Didn't need to eat for a week after all that...


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