In a fit of madness yesterday, I made cheese scones for lunch. To Mum's recipe, of course.

8oz self raising flour (or in my case, plain flour with a teaspoon of baking powder)
2oz butter
1 teaspoon paprika (what I really wanted was Coleman's English mustard powder, but there was none in the house)
some grated cheese (a bit of farmhouse Lancashire, and some mature cheddar that was left in the fridge)
1/4 pint of milk

Rubbed the butter into the flour, trying not to spread it all over the kitchen floor. Added the paprika and cheese. Mixed in the milk to make a squishy dough. Was so lazy that I couldn't even be bothered to get the pastry cutters out of the filing cabinet, and just sqodged out the dough into 6 round (ish) balls, and flattened them. Baked for 12 minutes in the ridiculously swift fan oven at 180C. Delicious. Not surprisingly, there's not many left...

While I'm on the subject of ovens, does anyone else just seem to use the one temperature? (in my case 180C) It seems to work for everything so far.


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