Going green...

I don't think my ethical makeover is as successful as Leo Hickman's yet. I'm trying to buy more organic fruit and veg, and more local produce, but it's still very tempting when you run out of something just to nip over to Morrisons to pick up what you need, whether it's oranges to bake a cake with, or onions to make pasta sauce with. My lettuce, mange tout and courgettes are doing very well in the garden (despite wet, cold and grey weather), but not surprisingly, there's a limit to what you can make with them. Oh for an allotment, to be able to grow the lot! (Mind, not sure that would help with the oranges - you'd need a triple glazed conservatory in Newcastle for that one...).

I keep going back to the Soil Association website, to remind me why I'm trying to go organic in the first place. They have a huge amount of information and special reports on organic food and farming, on an easy to navigate website. I especially like their Food for Life campaign, which calls for radical changes in school meals - real food made from real, local ingredients rather than junk and slop.


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