Milky milky

How the humble pint of milk became a villain. Apparently a gallon of milk will set you back around $3 to $5. I couldn't even tell you how much it costs per pint over here, as I buy it in 2 litre packs from the supermarket (as I suspect a lot of people do - milkmen are becoming a thing of the past in some areas) - 98p in Tesco, since you ask. There you can get soy milk, goats milk, semi skimmed, skimmed, Jersey...in fact pretty much every kind of milk under the sun. The milkman just doesn't stand a chance.

But you don't see as many adverts for milk these days as you used to (whatever happened to the Accrington Stanley boys?). It used to be promoted, as it was in the States, as the perfect food for growing children, supported by the free milk in schools for all policy (axed by the lovely Mrs Thatcher). Mind, the milk you got at playtime was fairly disgusting - frozen in winter, warm and smelly in summer. Maybe that's what put everyone off it...or maybe it was just the Mary Whitehouse Experience...


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