First lettuce!

Yes, had the first lettuce and baby spinach leaves from my garden yesterday for tea. "My garden" sounds so grand, but in reality it's a back yard in Newcastle, with a little cold frame full of veggies, and some peas that are threatening to outclimb even the clematis. It felt so good though, eating something that I'd grown, watered and generally looked after for the last month. After going to France and returning to a slightly shrivelled set of plants, I'm reseeding my lettuce and mixed herbs, and also trying out some cress, lambs lettuce, chervil and Greek cress. I figure that lettuce in supermarkets is some of the most heavily sprayed veg with chemicals, so if I can grow my own, I can bypass all that.

In fact tomorrow I'm off to buy my first bag of organic veg from the Honey Tree wholefood shop at the end of my road. I'm intrigued as to what will be inside...


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