Tea=cultural icon?

A nice cup of tea is in the running to be part of a website dedicated to cultural icons. Too right. There's nothing more British than a good cup of tea (apart from talking about the weather of course). And I bet if you asked every person who lives on this island how they like their tea, you'd get a different answer from everyone. Making a cup of tea's a very personal thing. I hate it if someone else makes mine, because they always do it wrong. And I don't think that's just me - we all have minutely different ways of doing it..the length of time the bag/leaves stay in, the amount of milk that makes a perfect cup, the type and brand of tea that we use, the mug or cup we prefer to have it in, no two people are the same. What's an automatic process when you make it yourself sounds so complex when you try and describe it to someone else. So you end up compromising, and saying ooh, just a weak cup of tea with milk please, and knowing that it'll never be as good as if you'd made it yourself.


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