What's in the bag?

I know you're dying to know. Well, there must be a bit of mild curiosity out there at the very least. So here goes. My huge paper bag of organic Honey Tree produce contained

  • a very nice bunch of celery
  • two very fat and juicy tomatoes
  • one large frondy lettuce
  • one bag of rockette
  • one ripe, purple aubergine
  • three carrots
  • one huge onion
  • one proper bobbly cucumber (not one of those smooth supermarket beasts
  • five potatoes

All for the price of £5. The five potatoes promptly got put to good use in a huge pan of bubble and squeak (which for the uninitiated is mashed potato, cooked cabbage and bacon, all fried together with plenty of black pepper and olive oil). Of course once the big brown paper bag was empty the cat immediately went and sat in it, rolled around, and started rustling about. She is called Rustle after all.


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