Pastry marathon...

It was our monthly pie-tasting event yesterday, so now of course I never want to see pastry ever again (well, not until next month, anyway). It ended, six pies later, with nine people sat, bloated and happy, around our dining table. We'd eaten a ridiculous amount of pastry, marrow chutney, pickled onions and Branston pickle, but it was all in a good cause - Mog's birthday. We managed to chomp our way through:

  • Claire's mince and potato pie
  • Claire's corned beef, potato and onion pie
  • Mog's Cornish pasty
  • Pippa's giant cheese, onion and potato pasty
  • my chicken and leek pie
  • Kerrie's mincemeat pie (the sort you have in Christmas mince pies, not the savoury version!)
All topped off with birthday cake. Mmmm. Gluttony is good.


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