What's the difference between shepherd's pie and cottage pie? (apart from the fact that one's got a shepherd in?). It's probably something to do with carrots, but I really can't remember. Not that it's desperately urgent, it's just a topic of conversation that came up on the way back from visiting Dad in the hospital. Why, I have no idea.

Made pissaladiere today...a bit like a cross between a pizza and a tart. I sauteed 4 onions in olive oil for an hour with some rosemary and thyme, till they were really gloopy and translucent. Made shortcrust pastry, lined a tin, and then spread the onions on top. Crisscrossed the onions with anchovies, laid in a diamond pattern, added some olives in the gaps, and then baked for half an hour. Marvellous. If you were doing it in France, you'd probably swap shortcrust pastry for a bready dough (like a pizza base, made with yeast). I didn't have time for the rising, however...


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