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Having trekked round the BBC Good Food Show last weekend, I can safely say that there are more than enough olive oil sellers in this country for us to be drowned in a tidal wave of the stuff if all their bottles ever broke at once. Which they wouldn't of course, unless it got so hot that all the glass melted. In which case we'd have far bigger things to worry about. Anyway, my point is that if you're thinking about setting up a business making and selling flavoured oils then don't. There's hundreds of them out there already, and I'm not sure the country can really take that much chilli and rosemary olive oil with garlic dipping sauce.

Other things to avoid selling - strange mops, odd machines for chopping garlic (what's wrong with bashing it with a knife like everyone else?) steam cleaners (particularly if you demonstrate them while wielding a fag and looking extremely disgruntled), and gourmet chutney of any variety. Take it from me, someone's got there first. Oddly, there were hardly any pie sellers, apart from the rather wonderful Lime Tree Pantry whose Christmas mince pies were pretty fantastic. Look out for a review of their steak and kidney pie on www.pie-man.com soon...

Oh, and never ever attempt to try and eat the hottest chilli sauce in the world. It's quite warm.


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