You've probably seen this before, but I've only just discovered this wondrous gadget - the ice-cream making yoyo. Fantastic. Finally, there is some point to spending hours flinging a yoyo around (for the record, I've never been able to make it go upside down and do fancy tricks. It always ends in tangled string, much swearing, and throwing down in disgust until the next time).

Which reminds me - do you remember those lovely green minty chocolate biscuits, which in the dim recesses of my memory I think were also called yo-yos? The nice people at Nicecupofteaandasitdown.com don't have anything on this, so I can't corroborate it. The biscuits themselves weren't green, I hasten to add. It was just a greeny-silvery foil cover that you could peel off, smooth out, and then stick in your scrapbook, if you were a sad child of the 1970s. I think the silver foil was probably better than the biscuit, but wasn't that always the way? No, obviously just in my head then.


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