If it's Wednesday, it must be curry

Goan prawn curry, to be precise. Now I can't claim any credit for this at all - it was all Rob's work. With a bit of help from Madhur Jaffrey, and a bit of improvisation (including using up the cold potatoes in the fridge) he cooked up a storm. I've not really been a great fan of tamarind before now, but I'm willing to give it a second chance after this.

The campaign to reduce salt in processed food continues. How about a campaign to encourage people to cook more, and stop relying on overprocessed foods and ready meals? (ok, I admit I've just eaten a Tunnocks tea cake. But in my defence (a) I did cook chicken wraps with spicy vegetable and chickpea sauce from scratch for tea (b) it's late and I've got no chocolate left in the cupboard and (c) it was a traumatic episode of ER....)


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