Smoke gets in your eyes

The first bbq of the summer! In fact, the first bbq ever at this house, despite the fact we've lived there for nearly a year and a half. In our defence, we did have to knock down the sheds first - I say we, but it was really Rob and Mog who did all the demolition, while I got on with the shopping for the bbq. Pork and leek, Old English and Northumberland sausages, from the butcher's shop on Chillingham Road. Bread buns and rolls. Assorted condiments, pickles and chutneys. Salad. Crisps and peanuts. Some biccies for the kiddies. Beer. Your standard bbq fare, in fact. It would all be fairly mundane if eaten indoors, but outside, on a sunny Newcastle evening it took on another taste altogether. In fact, with the amazing burgers that Pippa and Jane made, it turned into a fantastic feast. Now all we need is the weather to stay like that for the rest of the summer (faint hope), and we can have some more lazy evenings putting the world to rights over some beers.


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