Summer was shortlived. After sunshine all morning, there was a massive thunderstorm, and it rained for the rest of the afternoon. So to cheer myself up, I may have to go and buy some candy necklaces, rainbow drops and some fizzy cola bottles. I was never allowed sweets that often as a kid, but every so often me and my brother would scrape together some pennies from down the back of the sofa and our piggy banks and sneak off to the village newsagent for one of those little white paper bags full of goodies. We "drank" cola bottles and "smoked" candy cigarettes, making our stash last for ages.

The only sweets I can remember getting were the tubes of Jelly Tots and Dolly Mixtures that used to make an appearance in my Christmas stocking. Mind, we did have chocolate, so we weren't exactly deprived. Gold coins and smiling Santas on the tree at Christmas. Hollow Easter eggs with goodies inside. And boxes and boxes of chocolates from the kids in Mum's class at school every Christmas, depending on what was on special offer at Woolworths. We've never forgotten the year every gift wrapped box turned out to be Ferrero Rocher.


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