Healthy breakfast cereals 'are a con' according to a new survey. Apparently it's not just the hidden added sugar you have to worry about (although to be honest Sugar Puffs and Frosties rather give the game away), it's the salt. Ah well, back to the Shredded Wheat...although I have to admit to a soft spot for Kellogg's cornflakes.

I guess for most people breakfast doesn't really figure highly on their list of priorities - I just grab a bowl of cereal and some fruit juice while getting ready for work in a morning. The magazines are full of helpful hints about what to have for breakfast (all this make yourself a poached egg on toast, or why not whip up some scones to go with your healthy freshly made fruit salad) but in reality it's whatever you can find in the cupboard that doesn't taste like cardboard in the five spare minutes before brushing your teeth and rushing out of the front door.

At the office where I work, there's a sandwich lady who turns up at 10.30am, and a sandwich man in a van who appears at about 11.15am. Maybe (in the absence of a cafe nearby) there's a niche for a breakfast man (or woman) who comes round with nice breakfasty things at about 9am? If you're thinking of starting up in business, you could do worse...


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