Adventures in the East

It was Friday, and we couldn't be bothered to cook, so instead we headed to the Taste of Persia in the centre of Newcastle...(which has the best blue perspex chairs I've ever come across, and two rather fierce-looking goldfish crossly circulating in a bowl). I couldn't claim to be an expert on Persian food, but it was fantastic - huge flat breads, sprinkled with sesame seeds, herb and feta salad, an amazing aubergine and scrambled egg dip - and that was just for starters. If you're a fan of aromatic, subtle food then go try!

This is going to sound like a very posh weekend - Saturday was fresh lobster in the tiny village of Low Newton on the Northumberland coast. Four fat lobsters ended their days in vats of boiling water - the last one so desperate to avoid being chucked in head first that he grabbed spoons, towels and the sides of the pan in his pincers, in a last-ditch attempt not to let go! In fact he was the one Rob and I ended up sharing...his pincers tasted delicious!


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