Falafel for tea, while at my desk. Which suddenly put me in mind of the fantastic falafel shop we went to in Paris last summer, endorsed by Lenny Kravitz, no less (they were very proud of that). The "L'As du Falafel" in the Marais quarter was heaving with folk, but we managed to squeeze around a tiny table, and tackle huge platefuls of falafel, pitta bread and salad. It was ridiculously cheap, and we left ridiculously full.

It set me thinking - although you can buy the t-shirt, and other souvenirs, they don't seem to have a website. There's definitely a niche market there - how about mail order falafel? There don't seem to be any sites in the UK, but if you're in the States, there's a firm in Chicago that can supply your every need.


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