Sad isn't it, when your main meal is beans on toast...but I just can't get my eating habits right now I'm working from 3-11pm. I don't feel like a large meal at lunchtime (I blame my mother for years of sandwich lunches at school) and by the time I get home it's definitely too late. Ah well, back to the joys of 5am starts next week. If that doesn't throw out your body clock, I don't know what does.

We've decided to have sushi for Christmas dinner, mainly because it's unlikely that there will be an oven in the kitchen in three week's time. It's rather liberating not having to think about buying turkey and all the trimmings (and to be honest we'll get enough turkey visiting the family anyway). Have been trying to find some good recipes, but not come across any good sites yet. Even the Worldwide Sushi Restaurant Reference doesn't have anything north of Watford Gap. Is the UK a sushi wasteland?


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