All those of you who turn up here looking for PIE, otherwise known as the people who make possibly the best pies in the whole world, I don't know where they've gone either. They used to be at www.wearepie.co.uk, but the site seems to have disappeared. I hope they're ok - the Big Chill 2005 won't be the same without them... If you do know, then please get in touch.

And for some of you other people who arrive via google, I'm a bit worried. Considering your search terms include underwear (eh? on a foodie site?) I'm not sure I want to know where you've been...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello all you lovely people at the exploding chef. Thanks you for being so nice about our pies. We do try... The web site is now up and running ( we had to get it back from the hosting company who did a runner. You can get pies at www.wearepie.co.uk. Also now have a shop at London Bridge Train Station see web site for map in locations

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