Weddings = fab food

Having spent all of Saturday drinking champagne at my brother's wedding, I can truthfully say that wedding food is fantastic. And it wasn't the booze talking, honest. I just love the whole caboodle - canapes, buffets, puddings, dinky mints with your coffee, and then to top it all off you've got the wedding cake (the icing's the best bit of course). Possibly the most delicious thing of the day was the Fenland strawberries with cream, but the chicken with honey, apricot and almonds ran it a close second, as did the late evening snack of cheese, biscuits and fruit.

Coming back down to earth, while trawling round Asda for a sarnie at lunchtime, I came across a Taste of the North East counter. It was piled high with Northumberland cheese, Fentimans ginger beer, and local pies. It may be small in sales terms, and it's probably been to the Asda central distribution centre and back, but at least it's a start for buying local stuff.


Blogger christopher said...

It's not just the food at weddings that's so great; it's the all-day relaxed drinking that creates peaks and troughs in the day, temporary sub-hangovers that you power-drink your way through, opportunities for getting off with odd people at any time of the event, nice sexy clothes, waiting staff who actually smile at you. It's the fact that it's all free, it's watching slightly mad uncles who you haven't seen for aeons dancing like nutters, it's the fight starting between rival family members, it's seeing two people you care about being stars for the day for once in their life... Actually, going to a wedding is like being upper class for a day. Unfortunately they're always held on bloody saturdays when chefs like me can't go.

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