It rained a lot in Glasgow

But the food was good. Boy was it good.

Having driven three hours in the pouring rain, starving and brain-dead from wrestling with maps and Glasgow's one-way system we headed off into the unknown on Saturday in search of an afternoon snack, and came across Oko, a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant. I've never been to the Yo!Sushi places in London that some of my friends have raved about, so this was a bit of a novelty for me. One chef rolling beautiful sushi. Lots of plates with coloured edges. One conveyor belt. Sushi goes on plate which goes on conveyor belt. You pick a plate from the belt, and eat in delight. The bill is totted up according to how many plates you had and of which colour. Marvellous. Still not the best sushi I've ever had (that honour's reserved for a small restaurant somewhere in the far reaches of Vancouver city) but a great attempt.

How could we top that? By dinner at Quigley's that's how. Apparently John Quigley's a well-known celebrity chef - justified, I'd say, judging by the food we had. Clam chowder, packed with clams. Ham hock with cabbage and bubble and squeak mash. The best fish cakes I've ever eaten, with spinach and frites. And coffee mousse with donuts. All topped off by a really nice bottle of Australian white. Doesn't get any better than that. And not bad for a grand total of £50 for both of us.

To top off the gastronomic adventure, breakfast this morning at Malmaison was a treat, especially as I got to have Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, something I've always wanted to try. Not sure I'd have it again in a hurry - it was a bit too rich for me - but utterly delicious.

Now it's back to beans on toast for tea...


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