Pizza pronto

No matter how great your food tastes, it can be ruined if you have to wolf it down in the space of 5 minutes flat. Discovered this yesterday, after making what turned out to be a fabulous pizza (feta cheese, tomato and spinach, with a few drops of Encona hot pepper sauce). My dad rang, and that disrupted my perfectly planned timetable for the pizza to the oven (6.38pm), pizza out of oven (6.48pm), pizza finished (7.10pm), Rach out of house to pick up Pippa and go see Rob's gig (7.11pm). It all happened in that order, but I only ended up with 5 minutes to eat the pizza, and I was still late by the time I'd got across the city. I suppose I could have left some of the pizza for later....but I was just too hungry.

Oh well. Moral of this tale: either have the willpower to let the answerphone do its job, or try and lead less frenetic lifestyle. Not sure either is possible...


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