The slide into degeneracy...

I can't help it...I made myself a wonderful home-made pizza for tea, and followed it with some strawberries, but now I'm gazing longingly at the packet of Iced Gems sat on my desk at work. It's funny - my two obsessions seem to be the aforementioned Iced Gems and Tunnocks Tea Cakes. Why is it when you reach the age of nearly 30, that you start harking back to the things you loved as a kid? Hope it doesn't get worse as I get older - I have this image of me in my bathchair aged 105 demanding that young flunkeys unwrap me a teacake...they'd better be good-looking young flunkeys, mind...

I'm quite tempted to order the South's favourite marshmallow snack over the internet. Apparently, the Moonpie, which originated in 1917 in Chattanooga, is a "graham-like cracker, marshmallow covered with chocolate, vanilla or banana flavors". Looks like a squashed Tunnocks teacake sandwich to me, which can't be bad. Anyone know what they taste like?


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