Delia Smith has announced that she's hanging up her apron, and not making any more tv shows, which can only be a good thing from my point of view. I know people think she's amazing (and her recipes are certainly not bad at all - my Mum swears by some of the Christmas ones, as does half the country by all accounts), but I really don't get on with her tv persona - she's too patronising by half. I had to turn off How to Cook, as it drove me up the wall. But then a lot of tv cookery programmes are like that, I'm afraid. I love Nigella Lawson's recipes (Domestic Goddess is one of the best baking books there is), but I can't stand her show. The only one who does match up in print and on the telly is Nigel Slater. But then he is the kitchen god, after all.


Blogger Sara said...

I completely agree with you about Delia. We saw her show a couple of times on BBC Canada, and it was painful to watch. I prefer to read her website and find recipes to try than to watch her.

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