Back from sunny Spain...

Well, Tenerife was fantastic, and suprisingly full of bananas. Plantations upon plantations of them across the island, protected from the winds by huge walls of plastic. The food wasn't bad either - lots of fish and meat, together with the inevitable Canarian potatoes (newish, and baked in their skins with lots of olive oil and salt).

Once you get into the interior of the island (and away from the Blackpool beach-style holiday resorts on the south coast, with their Irish bars, English breakfasts and McDonalds every 100 yards) it's surprisingly beautiful - and stunning in fact when you get up towards the volcanic Mount Teide, on a plateau full of lava formations that look like something out of Star Trek. It's the highest mountain in Spain at 3,317m (I think that's right, but I could be out by a few hundred metres), but we didn't get to the top, as the cable car was charging an astronomical 20 euros per person (about £16).


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