Went to Blackfriars in the centre of Newcastle on Saturday night with the usual suspects to celebrate Jane's birthday. I had some fab vegetarian food, but the others weren't so sure...the steak with korma sauce came in for a bit of criticism, and I think they might be right - tasted far too sweet for me (and it's not just us who thought that). The prices were equally high, but I don't think the imagination and quality match up to other places like Barn@the Biscuit or Cafe 21.

Toad in the hole on Sunday courtesy of Blenky and ginger cake with lime icing from Ian. Good food is alive and well in the North Yorkshire hills. And the North Yorkshire hills are alive to the sound of blackberrying - picked tons of brambles in the forest, ready to experiment on some bramble sorbet. Might even make some jam, although I've no jars left now after making all that chutney.


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