I have wittered on (at extensive length, no doubt) about the delights of toast. I may have even bored you to tears with amazing tales of the perfect cheese on toast (must be wensleydale/lancashire cheese, or mature cheddar). Now I've finally found some people who share my (sad) obsession.

Dr Toast's Amazing World of Toast is well worth viewing. "I strongly believe that Toast is the very thread which holds together the uneasy seams of modern society", says the learned doctor. There's even toast haiku, for goodness sake.

And would you believe it, there's even a book about the stuff: Toast - homage to a superfood.

Now where did I put my toaster? And where do you stand on the grill or not to grill question? (personally, depends what I'm putting on the toast afterwards, kitchen facilities, and how desperate I am for toast...)


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