Here's what I'm considering making for our 1950s Jubilee Eurovision party on Saturday (the top event of the year!):

cheese and pineapple on sticks (in a silver hedgehog, natch)
cheese and pickled onions on sticks
sausages on sticks
coronation chicken salad
cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off, of course)
stuffed tomatoes
green salad (with old fashioned floppy lettuce) with a side order of salad cream
sliced pickled beetroot
bread and butter
fairy cakes

I might need to start making some of this lot 'ahead of time', as Julia would say. That is, when I've found a good recipe for trifle and coronation chicken. I was looking in Marguerite Patten's Cookery in Colour ast night, and that's got some wierd and wonderful 1950s stuff in it - they were really keen on things in moulded in aspic!


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